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Constantine – Waiting For The Man Review

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Wrapping up the first and possibly only season, Constantine goes out on Waiting For The Man, an adaptation of a singularly creepy storyline from the Hellblazer comic, and an episode which owes more than a little to the spectacular True Detective. Like the series as a whole, it’s plenty enjoyable, with some really creepy fun to be had, but also more than a little frustrating.

We open with probably the creepiest of the cold-openings so far, as The Man wakes his three child-brides and sends them off to find another to join them. They find a young redhead playing in an abandoned fairground, and easily talk her into coming home with them to marry The Man. Why she goes along so easily is never really explained, but I’m going to assume some sort of hypnosis. The Man himself, watching from afar in his truck, is approached by a police officer who he promptly strangles to death with a set of jump leads.


John and Zed are also in New Orleans, at the request of Jim Corrigan (the returning Emmett Scanlan). No Chas for the finale, which is probably a consequence of the shortened season. Certainly, the episode never feels like a true finale, more of a mid-season cliffhanger. Corrigan pretty much takes on the Chas role for the week, driving Zed around while John gets his hands dirty. His problem is that a detective investigating the missing girls has been killed and slightly eviscerated. John uses holy water to get a clearer look at the markings on him, which are satanic marks branded on him by The Man. The corpse suddenly springs into life, speaking with the voice of Gary Lester. Gary warns John that a massive bounty has been placed on him in hell. And, since they’re in New Orleans, Papa Midnite has plans to collect.

When we meet Papa he’s passing sentence on a man who murdered his wife. He stabs him in the heart and reanimates him as a zombie to take down Constantine. The makeup work on that guy was really cool, he looked very freaky. The action sequence with him is a high-point for the episode, particularly when Corrigan’s gun pops into the frame. After that, it all gets a bit True Detective, and god love them for trying, Constantine and Corrigan are hardly Rust and Marty. Constantine’s good, but don’t go trying to evoke something that good.


Honestly, nothing actually gets wrapped up in this episode. The Brujeria are still out there, we have no idea what the Rising Darkness is or why the Brujeria are causing it, and now it turns out Manny’s in on it. That’s our cliffhanger ending, Manny appearing to Midnite and ordering him to leave Constantine alone, before revealing that the Brujeria work for him and flying off into the night, probably cackling with glee. I guess that’s been his deal the whole series. It’s an intriguing cliffhanger, one which would lead well into a midseason break. Whether that’s the ending we get for the show full stop, I guess we’ll have to see. It’s been an intriguing half-season, which I’d probably grade about a B- overall. Hopefully they’ll get the chance to do better.

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