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Constantine – A Whole World Out There – Review

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With Chas and Zed both out of commission this week, it’s time for John to visit an old friend. A Whole World Out There sees John partnered up with Ritchie (Jeremy Davies), who we last saw reluctantly helping John out way back in the pilot. Ritchie’s become a bit more insular and withdrawn since last we saw him, which holds dark, horrible foreshadowing value for anyone who’s read Hellblazer. John is drawn to the university Ritchie teaches at via the scrying map, as four students engage in a ritual to transfer their consciousness to another plane, with predictably dire results.


This other plane, you see, is occupied by the spirit of the man who devised the ritual, Jacob Shaw (William Mapother). Mapother is one of those character actors who you can completely rely on to give an interesting performance, and he is super-creepy here. A few sandwiches short of a picnic before he transferred himself to this plane, he’s now the god-king of his own universe and all he’s made is a slasher movie house in which he mutilates and murders teenagers. He’s a top-notch villain. After the students retreat into the real world, he can still get at them through reflective surfaces. This is used to fantastic effect in a scene where one of the students is dancing alone in a studio and the camera slowly pans around to see Shaw watching her through the mirror.

The lack of Chas and Zed means A Whole World Out There is a chance for Matt Ryan to showcase his Constantine relatively unencumbered, and he’s an absolute blast as always. Jeremy Davies’ performance as Ritchie provides some real pathos, and the slasher movie format allows for some good chills and a great villain. If I’ve a criticism, we’ve only two episodes left and almost no involvement of the larger plot at this stage is almost criminal. More on what the Brujeria are up to next week? I hope so.

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