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Fargo – Episode 6 – Buridan’s Ass

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Last week’s episode ‘ The Six Ungraspables’ started off with two flashbacks to show firstly how Lester came to own his shotgun, and then how it embedded a shell fragment into his own hand after it passed through Vern Thurman.  We also take a few steps further down Lester’s road, being tortured by Mr Numbers and Mr Wrench to give them ‘a name’, the name of the man who killed Sam Hess.  After a short bout of pain involving a sock and some pressure on a certain gunshot wound, Lester gives the name up of ‘Mr Creepy’ himself, Lorne Malvo.  After the two torturers are freed from the holding cell they were all in together, Lester is left to fall unconscious due to his septic hand.  After being taken to hospital the surgeon mentions to Molly the removal of a foreign object – ‘shotgun pellet, had some fabric attached to it, possible it passed through something before getting into Lester’s hand’ – this further justifies Molly’s suspicion he is more involved in the death of Vern and his wife than he lets on to.

Fargo ep 6-2

In Episode six ‘Buridan’s Ass’ we are treated to a nicely crafted catchup of what’s happened so far, this is followed by a meeting of presumably whoever has sent Mr Wrench and Mr Numbers to find out who killed Sam Hess; you can tell who the kingpin of this group is, a big fat odorous man chowing down on a lobster, and after instructing whoever involved to be killed, he cuts the head off a fish barely cooked and starts to suck on the meat.  Two main parts of the story are followed in this episode, one with our very intelligent Malvo and our very dumb friend Don Chumph – who was dumb enough to step into a cupboard not realising Lorne would drill the door shut till morning – and the other with Lester’s series of unfortunate events that are getting more unfortunate and serious by the minute.

Lester manages to hatch himself a very clever plan (almost ‘Hobbit-like’) to temporarily escape from Hospital evading the cop posted on his door.  He escapes to start seemingly framing his brother for the murder of his wife, planting items in various places: the hammer, a revolver and a picture of her.  But even with these items in place Lester still has some problems coming his way, the fact he couldn’t have been in the basement for the bullet wound to be in his hand, and with Molly and Gus starting to catch up to him, he can surely only have so long until all these lies catch up with him and he has to either give up, or break bad entirely.

Fargo ep 6-4

Now Lorne hatches himself a foxy plan and contains very brutal killings of a certain couple of characters, but in Lorne fashion he doesn’t go about it in an angry way or a loud way, but in a very calm calculated, entirely haunting, way.  He is as callous and as tranquil as Dexter Morgan – but with his Ralph Wiggum haircut and dry wit.  Lorne is clearly a man who enjoys his ‘work’ and is happy just to watch the world burn by his hands.  After he traps someone to an exercise machine with duct tape and an empty shotgun in their hands, he commits a crime on their behalf to draw in armed police to repeatedly shoot the character for him.  However the now savagely killed character is in a situation where the police will surely work out he was snared into this and didn’t wrap himself in duct tape and fire an M4 into a car over the road.

Fargo ep 6-1

What will happen next isn’t obvious as many things could go wrong again in Lester’s plans, and Malvo could still be stopped on his reign of frighteningly calm terror, but currently Malvo seems to know what he is doing and Lester is pleased with the items checked of his to-do list for the day.

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