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Fargo – Episode 8 – The Heap

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We start this week’s episode with the view of a production line, a production line that is making Lester’s new washing machine, to replace the washing machine that he hid his wife’s killing implement in.  He becomes transfixed by the old machine as the delivery man is talking about the plastic screws that made it and how they recalled a lot of them, Lester just stares into the glass front, oblivious.  We are then lead into a montage of all his wife’s items being tossed into garbage bags and set out for the bin men to take, removing all trace of her – I suppose when you kill your wife, and she drove you mad, you may think of getting rid of her shit.

Fargo episode 8-04

Molly returns to work after a brief bit of down time from losing her spleen (not sure if Gus has got her a new one yet, but he did get her more flowers), and she is straight back on the case and telling Bill Oswalt that he is wrong with the current suspect being Lester’s brother, Bill basically tells her to back down and claims ‘we already had drinks to celebrate’; apparently she needs to cheer up and look forward to the cake they’ve got for her return, it has an assault rifle on top and Bill ‘doesn’t know how they do that!’

Lester has a bit of an awkward scene as initially a co-worker is clearly trying to ask him round for dinner as she is making chili, but his short term fun from last week’s episode Gina Hess, turns up exclaiming she was ‘picking his pubes out of her teeth 12 hours ago’ which as arguments go, is pretty good.  The scene goes ahead with Lester stapling the two Hess kids in the face when they attempt to scare him – Lester’s balls are clearly growing.

Fargo episode 8-02

We get some tremendous scene styling later on in this episode too when Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) strikes again, this time with an equally expressionless face as he strangles the policeman watching over Mr Wrench with a belt.  The scene starts with him wanting to go to the bathroom and deciding he can risk it, as soon as we see Lorne’s feet touch the ground from inside a cubicle, the lights start to flicker, and flicker faster as the policeman’s life is drained from him.  Strangely enough Lorne doesn’t slaughter Mr Wrench but frees him instead, seemingly in a sign of respect that they’d got closer than anyone before.

Fargo episode 8-01

The last twenty minutes of the episode jumps forward in time by one year, and stuff has changed.  Gus is now a US Mail-man, and is having a baby with none other than Molly Solverson, who he was clearly trying to ‘court’ with flowers and phone calls previously.  Molly is getter closer and closer now to the original female police role in the 1996 film with Frances McDormand playing Marge Gunderson who throughout the film is pregnant, the cleverest of the cops and trying to connect everything together with minimal help, but taking it all in her stride.  We finally see the change in Lester, and he is actually doing well in life, winning Salesman of the Year 2007 and is now dating the previous co-worker who offered him chili – hopefully he won’t kill this one.

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