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The Flash S2E2: Flash of Two Worlds

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They say lightning never strikes twice…

The following review contains spoilers.

Jay Garrick’s arrival at STAR Labs divides the team as Barry refuses to trust another potential mentor. As Team Flash works to piece together Jay’s story, Barry has other fish to fry: a metahuman seemingly made of sand.

Garrick goes on to explain that he has arrived from another universe through a breach between their two worlds. On his world, he is The Flash and the metahuman Barry is facing is Jay’s enemy, Sand Demon. Barry has trouble believing Jay, who has little evidence to back his claims and no metahuman abilities as a result of the breach.

The team makes an executive decision to imprison Jay in the vault until they figure things out.

Joe is flagged down by Patty Spivot, who expresses a particular interest in joining the anti-metahuman task force. He denies her without hesitation.

She catches up to Barry and Joe as they investigate a crime scene left behind by Sand Demon. She asserts her proficiency as an investigator by pointing out clues implying metahuman involvement. Samples are taken back to STAR Labs.

Team Flash in Flash Season 2 Episode 2

While Cisco observes the samples, he experiences another That’s So Raven moment and witnesses the fight between Sand Demon and the Flash.

As Barry becomes more desperate to defeat Sand Demon, Jay’s claims are beginning to check out. He suggests that Barry should use lightning to take down the metahuman.

Sand Demon kidnaps Patty to lure the Flash. Cisco touches the samples again to figure out her location and discovers Demon’s strategy in the process. He presents the information to Barry as a strong hunch. Professor Stein sees through Cisco and confronts him about it. He agrees to honor Cisco’s wish to keep the visions secret.

With the lightning throw achievement unlocked, Garrick convinces Barry that he needs a diversion in order to defeat Demon, offering himself as bait. The two Flashes successfully take down Sand Demon and rescue Spivot.

Patty makes another attempt to get through to Joe, revealing that her motivations are personal. Moved by her story, Joe accepts.

Stein and Cisco discover that there are a total of fifty-two breaches, the biggest coming from inside the house STAR Labs.

In true Flash fashion, there is a WTF moment at the end of the episode that reveals an old face in a new place.

Teddy Sears makes a great Jay Garrick. Something about him just permeates Golden Age. His costuming suggests this retro-futuristic reality that’s instantly accessible and believable. He’s calm, understanding, and patient. At the same time, there’s this undertone of heartbreaking incompetence that surrounds him. It’s how I’ve always seen Jay; a hero with the heart, but not the speed.

Patty Spivot in Flash Season 2 Episode 2

I feel that Barry is justified in his apprehension to trust Jay. He was played for an entire season by Harrison Wells. Between that sour taste and the one left by Ronnie’s fate, Barry has every reason to feel vulnerable and confused. I don’t think this is a change in Barry’s fundamental character, just a change in behavior. It makes sense and doesn’t feel too heavy-handed to me.

What does feel heavy-handed, however, is Patty’s character. She seemed to make a speech out of everything she said. I felt like she was campaigning for presidency every time she spoke. It’s not that deep. While the show was trying to frame her as passionate and competent, she came off overly enthusiastic and scripted.

Again, we have another freak of the week situation and Sand Demon was quickly disposed of. And when I say disposed, I mean disposed. The villain served as nothing more but a way to unite the Flashes and the final confrontation worked almost a little too well to keep us on the edge of our seats.

A stronger episode than the season premiere, Flash of Two Worlds is doing Jay Garrick’s character justice while building the multiverse concept. Garrick makes a great “replacement” for the idealistic version of Harrison Wells and could be the mentor Barry always needed.

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