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Gotham – Viper – Review

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With one hand it gives, with one it takes…After last week’s excellent episode dealing with the political and criminal machinations, this week are treated to a by-the-book monster of the week episode, with only a couple of hints to a on-going story.


A brand new drug is hitting the streets, Viper, and it turns the users into rage-filled super-strong wracking machines, but only for a short time. When the drug runs out, so does your life. And on cue, Gordon and Bullock are pulled into this investigation.

There is some wranglings about corporate malfeasance from WellZyn, the former employer of the drug pusher with an element of a cover-up thrown in. Also we see his philosophy professor friend waxing lyrical about the whys and wherefores of the drug release.

Over at Wayne Manor, we are beginning to see the birth of The World’s Greatest Detective. Bruce discovers a link between WellZyn and WayneCorp, a link he intends to confront the board about at a fundraiser, before they are interrupted by the Viper being pumped into the room. An act that seems to have no real effect.

And down in the criminal underworld, Fish puts her plan into motion and orchestras a meeting being Don Falcone and the newly made-over Liza, her protege.


If you haven’t picked it up from my review so far, I was massively underwhelmed by this episode. The main storyline feels a time-out from the build of last week, with no real link to the rest of the story. Gotham is at it’s best when it is Gordon’s story, this week it was too much about Bruce Wayne. The inclusion of Viper does add a element of Gothamesque (I’m making it a thing, just go with it) to the proceedings, but it is a trope we have all seen thousands of times before.

Currently, if feels as if you could skip this episode and not have missed a thing. A misfire all round.

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