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True Blood Review – Season 7 – Episode 7 “May Be The Last Time”

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The merits of “May Be The Last Time” are many; the returns of Rutger Hauer and a glamoured Hoyt, and a hallucinating Sarah Newlin to name a few. Newlin’s self-delusion continues to astound, despite her extremely prescient debates with her past lovers. They’re fighting over her soul, quibbling the details of her doom, but none of it matters – the hunt is nearly over. Pam, Eric and Mr Gus Jr are charging upon their quarry with the fierce light of avarice in their eyes. This is no thanks to Eric’s rage and lack of self-control which nearly landed them back at square one. These qualities may not be characteristic of the viking vamp, but as his extraordinary life comes to a close, Eric’s handle on his temper is slipping. Personally, I found the duff move of killing Newlin’s sister a touch contrived, and it seems Pam backs me up, as she calls Eric on his motivation. Jason Stackhouse, either sweaty and shirtless or lounging like a catalogue model, acts as Sarah’s harbinger, a role he very nearly carried out in reality at the end of Season 6.       true-blood-may-be-the-last-time-sarah-newlin Meanwhile, the real Jason Stackhouse is heading for his own cataclysm. His rampant sex addiction is really coming to a head, and the unsustainable destructive decision-making is verging on genuinely distressing. In fact these behaviours beggar belief, but for the fact that he has a genuine problem. All this raises the question, is Hoyt there simply to drag Jason’s difficult arc to an ugly close? I hope not, he deserves more than being the fall guy again – perhaps he could be here to help, which might be a nice way to indicate that their relationship runs deeper than memory. Could Jason possibly betray Hoyt TWICE?! There is little an addict in need of a fix won’t do, and methinks this cannot end well… tb1 Adilyn and Wade’s continued forays into inappropriate cherry-poppage remain boring if not entirely pointless; they do allow Andy an opportunity to let on he’s not exactly holding it all together. Chris Bauer has had a tremendous arc over the course of this series; from ineffectual doofus with a chip on his shoulder, to V-addicted fairy-lover, through to the upstanding symbol of authority and grieving father. Through all these disparate iterations of Andy Bellefleur, Bauer is never less than committed, imbuing the transformative path his character is on with real heart. Lauren Bowles as Holly is the perfect foil for Bauer, matching his energy with grace; their courtship has been one of the more believable and satisfying couplings the show has offered up, and fingers are crossed for a carnage-free future (some chance). zap-true-blood-season-7-episode-7-may-be-the-l-008 Continuing the theme of impending doom, Sookie’s mission to save Bill is short-lived though she dose make a valiant effort. It was great to see the return of Dr Ludwig and her snark, whose fear and loathing of faery king Niall lead Sookie to call upon her Grandpa. This shakes up more pain than it cures, and the revelation of Niall’s knowing Sookie could infect Bill was a definite gut punch. Through all this Sookie the Stoic continues to endure, and though his visit leads to a frustrating ‘no’ on the cure front, there are lessons along the way, and their scenes are nicely underplayed by Hauer and Anna Paquin. TRUE-BLOOD-01_612x380 The final hurdle of Bill facing his karma, as last episode suggested, does give Bill and Sookie the chance to rekindle their love out of the embers of his life, this time softened with a quality of forgiveness and sorrow. Their re-coupling was pretty inevitable, as their love-affair was the heart of True Blood and the well-spring for all the madness in Bon Temps, and was always best when doomed, but the newfound tenderness shown at the episode’s close has earned the maturity it wears naturally. I for one, always more of a Sookie-Eric shipper, even got a bit choked up at their reunion, and not for the first time in “May Be The Last Time”. TRUE-BLOOD-Season-7-May-Be-The-Last-Time2 In what was actually quite a moving hour of television, partially as we are rapidly looming on the finish line, it turned out to be Arlene who utterly owned the episode. Carrie Preston is so good at the comedy thrown her way that it’s easy to forget what a brilliant dramatic actress she is. As a result of a sisterly chat with Sam, where her insightful nature asks the mayor some pertinent questions, the conversation opens the old and new wounds her shitty life have inflicted upon her. True Blood - Episode 7.07 - May Be The Last Time It has become increasingly apparent this season that while Sookie is our central heroine, Arlene is the backbone of the series, the mother figure. As daft as the sudden romance with some new random vampire might have seemed, Keith’s task is in fact not to pin Arlene to a pool table, but to be courtly, to show her compassion and kindness and generally just hold her as Roy Orbison croons in the background. Preston sort of broke me in this episode, and never more so than as her face collapses with tears of gratitude at the enigmatic vampire’s sweet gesture. However this series closes, as long as Arlene remains unscathed, I’ll be satisfied. zap-true-blood-season-7-episode-7-may-be-the-l-007 Review by Nina Clark

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