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VGHS – The N64 – Review

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The one we have been waiting for for three years…

This is it. The final ever episode of Video Game High School. Rocketjump have been pretty emphatic that there is no more. This episode it their swansong, the final piece of the story. And it is a good piece.

Following the seismic shift in last weeks episode, this week opens on quite a down note. VGHS will be destroyed in 4 days. Students are kicked out of halls and forced to sleep in the library. Calhoun leaves in disgrace. Someone plays a banjo. Ki is lost in world of fruitlessly  trying to find ways to save the school, Ted is working selling Napalm Dogs and Ted is desperately trying to find a different school to go to. All is bleak.

But then Kki hits on a idea that appeals directly to the Barnstormer Brothers vanity, a 32 v 32 Field Of Fire battle, VGHS v Napalm, for rights to the Napalm Bowl. And so the stage is set for the final showdown, all our heroes vs several gangs of faceless goons.


From here on out, it is strictly sports drama territory. Think Mighty Ducks with a mouse and keyboard. The recruit Calhoun, who brings in the students. Several training montages later, they have a mildly functional team. And so we head into battle.

And, in essence, this is when Rocketjump are at their best, taking the video game experience and putting it on screen. The play out the final battle well, with each of the supporting roles given a chance to shine amongst the carnage. Particular note must go to Calhoun’s swath of destruction, it was great to see my personal favourite unleash a bit of badassery that his beard had always hinted at.


But in the end, it must come down to our main four, Brian, Ted, Jenny and Ki, against the Barnstormer Brothers. Even here, each one gets a moment to shine, Ki especially gets her cathartic revenge on Shane for all his infractions towards her over the last two seasons. And, in the end, VGHS triumphs. As we all kinda knew they would.

Many people will be tempted to write VGHS off as hokum, as melodrama and mary-sue-esque wish fulfillment on the part of gamers, wanting to be the cool kids for a change. But they are missing the point. Yes, VGHS might take place in a fantasy world and might have some questionably internal logic (Do they learn maths too? Why do people care so much about high-schoolers? What happened to that flying bike? Do they still expel the lowest ranking player?), but at it’s heart it is about all that is good in gaming. About the bonds of friendship that are formed in these virtual worlds, about the passion and dedication that gamers bring to their hobby. And it is that bond and passion that carries this series, the combat and gaming merely being the frame that holds it together. Just look at what they choose for the final shot of the show.

A fitting finale for a web-series that changed everything.


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