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VGHS – Nobody Cool Goes To Prom – Review

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Episode 2 is here and does something different for a change…

In true Pulp Fiction style, Episode 2 takes a non-linear approach to it’s storyline and shows us 3 different views on the same evening, Prom Night.

First up, Ki takes centre stage as she has to uncover the case of the missing school mascot. Caged in true pulp story telling, we are treated to VGHS does Sam Spade, complete with double-crosses, false evidence and scenery-chewing-mustache-twirling bad guy in the form of Shane Pizza. Ellary Porterfield can have a tendancy to slide towards melodrama and caricature with her acting generally, but here this plays into her favour, bring the kind of charm that is needed to pull of the homage.


Next up is BrianD, left alone on prom by a bed-bound and hallucinating Jenny Matrix, decides to head out on a mildly debauched night with the rest of the Field Of Fire team. This section gave the usually background characters a chance to shine and, in true Hangover style, allowed for some moments of honesty among the otherwise drunken antics. It is very clear that this season of VGHS is looking to deal with some larger and more adult issues around drinking, sex and consequences of actions.


And last, but by no means least, Ted gets his chance to shine. Similarly alone on Prom, he heads out with his racing team to an Erotic Arcade, sneaking in under fake ID. Where upon he gets caught up in a plot by DriftKing to steal an arcade machine that is his ‘by right of high score’. Of the three sections this does feel the least fleshed out save for a finale denouement between Ted and his father.

As always, you mileage with VGHS is going to vary based upon your love of it in the first place. This episode does feel weaker than last weeks, the three storylines meaning that each seem under served in the case of Ted and Brian or just kinda of pointless in the case of Ki. That being said, it does feel like it is building some blocks to be explored in the future episodes, the burgeoning sexual relationship between Brian and Jenny, Ted’s strained relationship with his father and Jenny’s tension over her possible move to the Pros and Paris. Not quite a filler episode but not quite a classic either.

Notable Mentions:

  • Shane Pizza’s epic dorm room
  • Naplam High School’s trust exercises
  • ToeJam the Erotic Arcade owner
  • Dean Calhoun. Always Dean.
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