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Alberto Del Gone-o: Alberto Del Rio Released By WWE

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News from the US broke overnight that former WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto del Rio has been released by WWE “… due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.”

From what has been reported del Rio allegedly got in to some sort of altercation with a member of WWE’s social media team before slapping them (some reports say up to 3 times).  Whereas there’s been backstage fights in the past (Batista and King Booker at a Summerslam commercial shoot, Joey Styles (yes, THAT Joey Styles!) knocking out JBL after an altercation to name but a couple), they’ve not usually ended up with one of the participants being released from the company.

Like any story there were rumours flying all over the place about it.  One of which said he had struck Vince McMahon’s number 1 guy, Kevin Dunn.  Kevin is not the most popular person with the IWC as they feel he has a bit too much power over Vince and his decisions plus they’re also not fans of his erratic camera cuts and zooms.  Sorry folks, but Kevin wasn’t the person struck.

Del Rio was already in WWE’s bad books because he wasn’t willing to sign a new contract with them and was just wanting to see out the rest of his contract (which ends later this year) so perhaps this was just the excuse needed to remove him from the company ahead of that time.  And with the budget cuts that they are going through at the moment due to the WWE Network not quite performing as they had hoped, it’s a little bit more money they would be saving too.

He may not have to worry about getting a new job as whilst the story was in it’s infancy stage, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer was quoted as saying “TNA was trying to get Del Rio’s number 90 minutes ago. Next TNA champion is not a joke. Dead serious.”.  So we could be seeing “Robert River” as the TNA champion very soon!

Regardless of where he goes to next though, he will still have a 90 day, no complete cause from WWE to sit through first.  After that, who knows what ‘his destinty’ awaits?

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