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Connor The Crusher And The Reason Why I’m Proud To Be A Wrestling Fan

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I’m a wrestling fan.  I’ve been one for nearly quarter of a century now.  And all this time I usually get hit with the same question: “Why do you watch all that fake WWF (yes, even 10 years after they changed the name!) fighting rubbish?”.  My answer has usually been the same.  It’s escapism and it’s daft and simply something that I enjoy.

But still wrestling has always had the stigma of being being the big, oiled up guys slapping each other and the girls with the fake big boobs doing the same.  And yes, at times some of the matches can be like that.  Sometimes it’s not pretty.

But wrestling has another side.  The side where they promote anti-bullying.  The side where they help teach literacy to schoolchildren and even help in things like the building of kids playgrounds.

Is it good PR for the company?  No doubt it is.  But I think the big difference between WWE and other companies (and not just those in the wrestling business) is they do it not for the PR but to genuinely help kids and help make a difference in their lives.  Look at John Cena.  Via the Make a Wish Foundation, he has granted over 400 wishes to sick and terminally ill kids.  He always gives his time up for them whenever he can because he knows that something that takes up a hour or two of his day is also something that means the world to the child whose wish was to meet him.

Make A Wish Cena

These meetings with the kids give them that little ray of sunshine when they’re suffering from whatever condition they have.  It helps give them the spirit to try and fight back against the disease that no child should have to do at such a young age.  And in the unfortunate cases, if the child was unable to win their battle, they have the memory of that fun day with their favourite wrestler to take with them.

“Where’s all this heading?” you may be asking.  Well, if you’re a wrestling fan then no doubt you will have seen a video go round the internet be it on Facebook or Twitter and most likely posted by some of the stars of WWE themselves.  It’s the story of young Connor Michalek.  From the age of 3 Connor suffered from cancer of the brain and spine, determined to not let it beat him.  He was also determined to meet his favourite wrestler, Daniel Bryan and a couple of years ago he and his father started their own little campaign to get the chance to meet Daniel which he was successful in doing so!


He also made Daniel tap out to his own finisher, the “Yes Lock”!


Unfortunately a few weeks ago, Connor was unable to fight the cancer any longer and at the age of only 8, passed away.  The video that has been going round Social Media the last few days is a tribute video to Connor and it shows how the spirit of one little child had an effect on the many “tough guys” of WWE and it’s management.


WWE were amazing with him.  From he and Daniel coming out to Daniel’s entrance music, to the rest of the locker room at ringside cheering him on, to HHH ‘doing the job’ for him in the middle of the ring (he even hooked the leg, some of the roster could learn from that!).  The video is equal part heartbreaking and equal part so very uplifting when you see how Connor refused to let the cancer get the better of him and the way the WWE stars interacted with him.

The ending of the video is very touching as well as we learned that Connor was front row at WrestleMania watching Daniel win the championship and that he was the first person Daniel went to when he left the ring.  Then to hear what Daniel said to him?  Well if you weren’t welling up by that point, this probably pushed you over that edge:

“Connor, you mean a lot to me and you give me a lot of strength. You helped me earn this. Please keep on fighting.”

Excuse me, I think I’ve got some dust in my eye…..

Honestly, fantastic stuff from WWE.  They bent over backwards to give young Connor an amazing experience and amazing memories.  People can ridicule wrestling all they want but when you see them do something like this, the way they gave a child something to live for?  This is why I am a wrestling fan, this is why I am a fan of this crazy world.  They’re not superheroes but to the kids, they mean the world to them.  In turn, WWE treat them like they’re the most important person in the world, they give them an experience that they’ll never forget and they give the kid’s parents the chance to see their child as simply that.  A child.  Not suffering from a disability, not suffering from a terrible disease.  Simply a smiling child meeting their favourite wrestler and loving every minute of it.

#Crusher4WWEHOF15 has been trending on Twitter and you know what?  I’d have no problems with that happening.  He had a match that he unfortunately didn’t win, but he did win the love and the hearts of those who met him and those who watched his video.

RIP little Crusher.

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