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Eat. Sleep. The Beast Broke The Streak

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They used to say that in life nothing was certain except death, taxes….. and “The Streak”.


Now, it’s just death and taxes.

On Sunday night, to the shock of 75,000 people in the Superdome (that’s the SUPERDOME Hulk, not Silverdome) and the millions watching around the world, the undefeated WrestleMania streak of The Undertaker came to an end.  A streak that many had tried to end but always came up short.

The sneaky, crooked snake tried.  He failed.

A man who helped in the founding of a New World Order tried.  He failed.

A legendkiller tried.  He failed.

The owner of the Hall of Pain tried.  He failed.

A pair of Degenerates tried 4 years in a row.  They failed.

A Punk who thought he was The “Best in the World” discovered he wasn’t the best in the Underworld.  He failed.

No man could end this amazing run.  But a BEAST could.


People have complained “Why Brock??  Why let Brock be the one to end the streak?  Why not an up and comer like Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt??  They should have let someone like that break the streak.”

At first I agreed, but after thinking about it, WWE and Taker couldn’t have chosen a more perfect person to end it.

Brock is a legit bad ass.  He’s an accomplished amateur wrestler winning the NCAA championship in 2000 after coming 2nd the previous year.   He’s a former WWE, IWGP and UFC champion.  Anything he’s tried, he’s accomplished.  The only things he’s failed at is trying out for the NFL and that shooting star press at WrestleMania 19!

People said that Brock’s booking before the program with Taker was terrible and he was losing all the time.  Not sure what shows they were watching but from what I saw he lost to John Cena but let’s face it, it’s Cena.  The man will take on Death and kick out at 2!!  It took a metal chain and padlock to put him down in that bloody Extreme Rules match.  Then it was Triple H.  Winning the first match at SummerSlam 2012 but losing at last year’s WrestleMania.  And again, that’s fine.  Triple H had to throw EVERYTHING at him including sledgehammers and pedigree’s on to ring steps.  He wasn’t ‘buried’ and still looked strong in defeat.

After leaving for a few months, his next target was CM Punk.  People expected Punk to win their match at SummerSlam last year as it would be the fitting end the story of him getting his revenge on Paul Heyman for turning on him and it would be David beating Goliath.  But, after a great match, Lesnar was the one standing tall.  He had beaten “The Best in the World”.

Next up was Mark Henry, and he DESTROYED him which led him to battling the Big Show (who came out to confront Lesnar after his 2nd attack on Henry).  Big Show threw him across the ring which wasn’t too much of a surprise as he is a giant.  But at their match at the Royal Rumble this year Lesnar tore Big Show apart with a steel chair (and tore the chair apart in the process!).

So in his last few feuds he has:

  • Beaten the “Best in the World”
  • Broke the arm of “The World’s Strongest Man”
  • Destroyed “The World’s Largest Athlete” with a steel chair (and also got his 500lbs frame up for, and hit with, a F5).

Did the booking of Brock before this feud make him look weak heading in to his WrestleMania match with Taker???  You be the judge.

taker beaten image

Although I never expected the streak to be broken, I’m OK with it.  The only problem for me regarding the match was that it wasn’t that good.  Was that due to Taker just being too old and battle worn now??  Maybe it was down to the concussion he received.  Who knows what it was but I think Taker himself would agree that if he was going to lose the streak, he would have wanted it to be in a classic battle against a monster of a man.  Instead he went out with a whimper and for the legacy that he and the streak had, it was a terrible way for it to go.

As strange as it sounds and considering what he has accomplished in his past, this win for Lesnar has “made” him.  He was the only guy to have won both the UFC and WWE titles and now he is, and forever will be, “The Man Who Broke The Streak”.  He lost the other titles, this one will never be taken away from him.

As for Taker, what next?  Will we see him at WrestleMania 31??  Will he have this long rumoured match with Sting??  That’s unclear at this point but if you ask me, it’s time.  It’s time for the gunslinger to hitch up his horse, ride off in to the sunset with the knowledge that he took many, many fans on an unbelievable journey for almost a quarter of a century.  The journey may not have ended how we thought it would, but it’s one that we’re glad we went on.

To quote the many messages that went through social media after the match, “Thank You Taker”.

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