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Finally…. FINALLY! The WWE Network Comes To The UK & Ireland!

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Apologies for The Rock impression in the headline folks, couldn’t resist!  But yes, announced by Vince McMahon himself, the WWE Network is finally coming to the UK & Ireland (and they mean it this time!) and not only that, it’ll be available before this month’s Royal Rumble with it launching on January 19th.  It’ll be available to view directly via the Web, iOS & Android devices, gaming consoles (PS4 & XboxOne should be definites, not sure on last-gen consoles), Smart TV’s (I can confirm that it’s available on Samsung Smart TV’s as I’ve found and downloaded it already!) and digital media players.

Now that was the good news but just like Wade, “I’M AFRAID I’VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS!!” to go along with this announcement too.

When the Network was originally due to launch in November, the cost was $9.99, just like in the US.  Unfortunately the cost is now £9.99 & €12.99 for the UK & Ireland respectively.  However if you’re using, ahem, “other methods” to view the Network already, the price you’re paying for that works out to be near enough the same as the price we’ll be charged anyways.  So you have the choice of continuing to use your other method or bite the bullet and pay a few extra pennies to just use the UK/Ireland version.  If you ask me, for the sake of being all on the level and for just a few extra pennies, just go for the UK/Ireland version.  As I said, you’re practically paying the same anyways.

Now, all we have to do this time is hope they don’t decide to again pull it 20 minutes before it’s due to launch…..

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