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Oooh Yeah…. Dig It! Macho Man Randy Savage To Go In To WWE Hall Of Fame

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For years WWE’s Hall of Fame has been accused of not being a proper Hall of Fame without the likes of Bruno Sammartino or Randy Savage being in it.  Well a couple of years ago Bruno was inducted and according to TMZ, Randy Savage is now to be inducted as well with the announcement expected to be made tonight on RAW.

Now of course people could argue that TMZ are wrong and it’s just a rumour.  Normally we would agree but when WWE post a new story on their website saying the announcement is expected to be made and Scott Stanford hosts a breaking news report on the WWE Network about it (also reporting that Hulk Hogan will be the one to induct him), it’s pretty safe to say it’s happening!

Why has it taken so long for Randy to be inducted?  Well with the internet being the internet, there are many different theories online.  They range from the ridiculous (I won’t go in to details but let’s just say it involves Randy and an under-age Stephanie McMahon) to the more believable (Randy took the Slim Jim deal with him to WCW costing WWE potential advertising revenue and Vince took it as a personal insult).

If Randy’s brother Lanny Poffo (aka The Genius), is to be believed, Randy would only have accepted the induction if the whole Poffo family (Randy, Lanny and their father Angelo) were inducted.  Now if that was the case or not, whatever was blocking Randy’s induction has now been removed and Randy will finally take his place in the Hall of Fame.  Lanny also appeared on the WWE Network breaking news segment and when asked about Randy’s induction Poffo replied:

“I had no thoughts.  I was so excited.  Intellectually, there was nothing.   It was all emotional.  I was happy for the fans.  They waited for Bruno Sammartino for so many years and now they waited for Macho Man.”

He also added that Randy’s mother and daughter are also excited and happy and it’s a wonderful day for his fans and, because of the WWE Network, “Randy will never die.”

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