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Paige Stripped Of NXT Womens Championship, Who’s Next In Line For The Gold?

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This week on NXT, General Manager (does WWE even need them nowadays??) JBL stripped Paige of her NXT Womens title due to the fact she now holds the WWE Divas Championship. No superstar can hold two major singles belts at the same time. You could technically call it “The Ultimate Warrior Rule” as he also had to relinquish his Intercontinental Title after winning the WWF/E title at WrestleMania 6 from Hulk Hogan.

So a tournament is now going to decide who the next NXT Womens Champion will be. Who will be next to fill the Norwich Beauty’s boots?

I’m going to do my best to guess who it will be and, not one to blow my own trumpet, I have not bad history with my guesses as I predicted on my own little blog (cheap pop, but don’t expect to see it updated much!) that not only would Paige win the Divas Championship (about 4 months before she’d even won the NXT title) but that AJ would also win the belt too (and this was when she was still at Dolph’s side and not wrestling much).

So as I said, not one to blow my own trumpet, but I’m not bad with this (now watch as a make a bunch of horrible, terrible guesses that are completely and utterly wrong…..).

So let’s look at a top 5 of possible winners of the belt:

5.  Emma


After Paige, Emma is probably the most popular Diva on NXT.  She’s definitely a contender for the belt (being a graduate of Lance Storm’s wrestling school means you’re no slouch!) but I just don’t see her winning the belt due to the fact that she’s now up on the main roster trying to be Santino’s girlfriend.

4.  Summer Rae

summer rae

During her reign as NXT Womens Champion, Summer Rae was a major thorn in Paige’s side so I think it would be fitting if she won the belt as a show of appreciation to her work in helping build the NXT Womens division alongside Paige.

But again, like Emma she’s been called up to the main roster so I don’t see her coming back down to NXT and winning it’s belt.  Though she’s split from Fandango (who now has Layla by his side) so this angle could be used to cover her going back to NXT and challenging for it.

3.  Bayley


IT’S BAYLEY!!  Admittedly, I wasn’t sure about Bayley when I first saw her but the character has certainly grown on me and now the “Doctor of Huganomics” is one of better divas on the NXT roster in my opinion.

She’s got the perfect combination of dorky, doe-eyed wrestling fan mixed with good wrestling technique and is certainly over with the fans at Full Sail University.  She’s reminiscent of Eugene but not quite as…. uhm…. how can I put this without offending folk???  She’s not quite as ‘special’…. yes, that works.  She’s not as ‘special’ as Eugene which I think helps her character and what hindered the Eugene character.  You have to wonder if the fact that Nick Dinsmore, who played Eugene, is a trainer at NXT has helped in the development of her character?  Perhaps telling her “Don’t play the character in quite the way I did”!  With both Paige and Emma moving on to the main roster, I hope to see Bayley being pushed more to the front of the Womens division.

2. Charlotte


Although she is high up on this list, I don’t really want to see Charlotte winning the belt.  Not yet at least.  No denying she’s athletic and agile (as her entrance in to the ring shows), but I just don’t think she should get the belt just now.  However I do think there’s a good chance she will because she’s a Flair and WWE likes to do things like that:  “Look, look!!  The daughter of the 16 time world champion has won her first title!!  Come watch her!!”.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see this happen.

1. Sasha Banks

sasha banks

So my number 1 choice for the next Womens Champion in NXT is Sasha Banks.  I didn’t think she was anything special at first and was only really being pushed because she’s the cousin of Snoop Dogg but as she made the transition in to becoming The BOSS of NXT I think she really hit her stride and has totally grown in to the character.  Of the divas that are in NXT that haven’t been called up to the main roster, Sasha I think is probably the one that’s been there the longest and is definitely deserving of a title run.

She’s still not the strongest in terms of in-ring work (though she is definitely getting better) but that only plays part of the overall package.  People have discussed if certain NXT gimmicks would work on the main roster or not but I feel that Sasha’s gimmick would fit in without a problem.  I believe that before she finds her way up there she’ll get a run with the NXT Womens Championship and that will start when she wins the tournament for the vacant title.

So there you go, that’s my thoughts/predictions.  Let’s see how right or how wrong I am!  And what say you?  Agree with my choices or do you have a better idea as to who will win the belt?  Let us know in the comments below!

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