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WWE Summerslam 2014 Predictions

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Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to Need To Consume’s first ever PPV prediction piece! With WWE’s second biggest show of year this weekend, Need To Consume’s resident grappling gurus Bryan and Gareth have put their thinking caps on and come up with some predictions for SummerSlam 2014.

SSlam JerichoWyatt

Chris Jericho V Bray Wyatt

Bryan:  Although they would deny it, WWE have certainly hurt the Wyatt character over the past year.  In fact, they’ve probably hurt the character since Bray came up to the main roster.  No particular feud he’s been in has been quite right with perhaps the Bryan feud being the one exception.  If they want to get this character over (and I mean properly over, not just having the crowd sing ‘He’s got the whole world’ and holding up the flashlights on their phones during his entrance) they need to start pushing Bray properly and with Jericho, this could be the beginning of the proper run Wyatt should have had when he first came up.

I think Jericho can be somewhat cheesy at times but when he puts himself behind something, he commits to it and I think he really wants to help Bray to go on to the next level.  He’s also in the position where a loss doesn’t hurt his legacy at all.  He can easily get it back either on RAW or on the next PPV if they continue the feud.  This doesn’t hurt Wyatt either because he’ll have already had his big win.  So Wyatt to win and I expect Harper and Rowan to play a part despite being banned from ringside.

Gareth:  This program has been designed to get Bray over as a true blue main eventer. Although if they hadn’t beaten him in every major match he’s been in so far, maybe they wouldn’t have to go to all this trouble in the first place. The good news is Jericho is a pro, and Wyatt can easily have great showings against the right opponents, so this has the potential to be the sleeper match of the night. Wyatt needs the win here and – with both Harper and Rowan banned from ringside – there will probably be some wacky shenanigans with blackouts, sheep faces, nursery rhymes, strange people with beards, more sheep faces, and Papa Shango’s black goo before he pins Jericho in the middle with Sister Abigail.

SSlam BrieSteph

Brie Bella v Stephanie McMahon

Gareth:  As a proxy war for the Bryan/Authority storyline this has been immense, with Stephanie a revelation behind the mic, and Brie more than pulling her weight. Alas the match with the best build up may end up being the worst in-ring contest on the card, as neither Stephanie nor Brie are celebrated technicians between the ropes. However the WWE has always been ridiculously good at smoke and mirror shows when the McMahon’s are involved, and I expect this to be just fine. I’m going out on a limb here and predicting a McMahon victory after Nikki Bella turns on Brie and sides with The Authority, while somewhere in deepest darkest New York Vince Russo cackles with glee. No. One. Saw. It. Coming. Bro.

Bryan:  I don’t expect this to be up there for nomination for Match of the Year at the Slammys but I think Steph and Brie will pull out a decent (but short) match out of each other.  I agree with Gareth, I can’t see this ending in any other way than a Nikki heel turn.  Probably using the excuse of all the beatings she’s had to receive in handicap matches etc. when Brie quit.  I also expect Steph to be wearing her “STEPH! STEPH! STEPH” Daniel Bryan knock off shirt down to the ring for the match!

SSlam ReignsOrton

Roman Reigns V Randy Orton

Bryan:  I saw these two live in a cage match back in April and it pretty entertaining bout so I have hope that this normal singles match will be of a similar standard.  Randy can certainly screw it up for both if he wants to (his infamous “STUPID!  STUPID!” to Kofi pretty much killed his main event push as it was barely starting) but I’d like to think he’ll be professional enough to put on a good match which he is more than capable of.  Reigns hasn’t been short of criticism either and has been accused of being like John Cena in that he only has 4 or 5 moves.  A bit unfair as I would say he’s night and day improved since we first seen him debut with the rest of The Shield.  I expect (hope) for a good match between the two and I think the “Roman Empire” stands victorious at the end and perhaps sets his target on HHH next?

Gareth:  Roman Reigns, he with the beautiful face, smouldering eyes, and The Rock as a cousin, is currently in the middle of a giant push towards legitimate super-stardom. Randy Orton meanwhile is a 12 year veteran with the right amount of top tier credibility to give young Roman a boost. Expect to see Reigns win this one decisively following a Superman Punch-Spear combo. Whether it will be any fun to watch depends on if Randy is in one of his “grab a hold, kid” moods or not.

SSlam AJPaige

Divas Championship Match

AJ Lee (c) V Paige

Gareth:  The women’s wrestling revolution continues with Paige and AJ Lee meeting in the squared circle once again. It’s a testament to how good these two are that this program still feels fresh, despite this being the fourth time that they’ve faced each other in only a couple of months. Paige has turned in a superb performance as a heel in recent weeks, and both her and AJ share a unique and entertaining chemistry. Hopefully they’ll be given enough breathing space to shine, although in an already stacked card this may be the match that gets stiffed for time. Either one could get their hand raised at the end, but I’ll go with AJ on nothing other than a gut feeling.

Bryan:  Among friends, I’ve been championing Paige since she first appeared on NXT.  She without doubt has what it takes to carry the Divas division into the future along with AJ and some of the other standouts in NXT (Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bailey etc…).  She took a little while to grow in to her main roster role but now she’s shining as the heel she probably should have been when she debuted.  Not many Divas can do crazy like AJ but I think Paige isn’t far behind her in the cuckoo stakes!  I think AJ will keep the title, just to help push the story on a bit more and we can see how treacherous a heel Paige can be in order to get her belt back!

SSlam AmbroseRollins

Lumberjack Match

Dean Ambrose V Seth Rollins

Bryan:  Some people have been annoyed at the way WWE have built up the feud between these two rising stars of the company but in retrospect it’s been pretty smart.  These two will KILL each other in an actual match so to give it to people at the very first opportunity would be stupid.  You want to build the excitement up for the match and when it’s at fever pitch, that’s when you set them loose on each other.  And that’s what WWE has done.  Yes, they were both in the MITB together but this will be the first time they’ll be in a match against each other since The Shield broke up.  I admit that I was a bit disappointed in the match stipulation but I think it still works within the storyline with Rollins always trying to get away from Ambrose, he won’t have any chance here.  Plus it could potentially set up future feuds for either man with one of the lumberjacks.  Common sense says that Ambrose gets his revenge in this match but I’m going with Rollins narrowly getting the win with perhaps one of the lumberjacks getting the winning blow in that keeps Ambrose down.

Gareth:  This is a blood feud that has been boiling over ever since Rollins clocked Ambrose and Reigns with a chair and dramatically dissolved The Shield. Since then we’ve had glimpses of wild brawls aplenty, and these two have had to be separated more often than Mel Gibson and his car keys. It’s disappointing then that this has ended up as a Lumberjack match when almost any other stip (Cage, Hell In A Cell, Falls Count Anywhere, etc.) would have been better suited. Having said that, both Ambrose and Rollins are A-Class grapplers and hopefully they can pull off something special. Ambrose to win, leading to a rematch with the MiTB briefcase up for grabs.

SSlam MizZiggler

Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz (c) V Dolph Ziggler

Gareth:  The Miz might not be headliner material, but as a cocky goofball midcarder he’s great. Meanwhile Dolph Ziggler is still the most underutilized wrestler in WWE, and even at this point could probably have a white hot babyface run if the company got behind him (it’ll never happen of course, but that doesn’t stop it from being true). This one could go either way, but I don’t see them cooling on The Miz’s new “money maker” character just yet. So maybe Dolph winning by count out or DQ, with Miz retaining the title.

Bryan:  Like a lot of folk, I like Dolph.  Even if some of his promos resort to him SHOUTING VERY LOUDLY IN ORDER TO PUT HIS POINT ACROSS!!  But there’s no denying he can put on a show.  Some would say he perhaps even steals it?  And as much as it pains me to say it, The Miz is an improved performer to what we so even a year or two ago and can knock out a good match as well.  The “Money Maker “ gimmick he has at the moment fits perfectly and is screaming for him to be kicked in the face though I’m surprised this hasn’t been a Sheamus vs Miz, US title vs IC title feud.  The Brougue Kick to the “Money Maker” would make a lot more sense than a superkick from a guy who doesn’t use the move all that often.  But that aside, I expect this to be a decent match.  Like Gareth, I expect a Dolph win but Miz retaining the title.  Perhaps with a superkick that knocks Miz out the ring for a 10 count or a low blow to Dolph as he attempts the kick.

SSlam SwaggerRusev

Flag Match

Jack Swagger V Rusev

Gareth:  The meteoric rise of Jack Swagger “Hero of the people” has been amazing, and it seems to have reinvigorated the former World Champion. Nevertheless, Rusev (seconded by the quite wonderful Lana) has crushed everyone he’s come across so far, and looks like he’s playing Yokozuna to Swagger’s “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. Rusev to win and keep steam rolling on, until all American hero John Cena eventually sends him packing sometime in the next year. All together now. USA USA USA…

Bryan: “WEED… I mean, WE… THE PEOPLE!”  Ah Jack, you silly, silly boy.  You had a great heel push and were in a perfect position to be World Heavyweight Champ last year and you go and literally blow it by being done for DUI.  But I’ll give him credit, he’s got himself (and Zeb) back in to a good position and who would have thought we’d be cheering what is basically the same character that we were booing this time last year?  But the big question is will he be the one to stop the Rusev Revolution?  I’m going to go with yes but begrudgingly.  The run that Rusev has been on is, in my opinion, the old school dominator style.  Beats everyone up before going for the champ.  And he would be a great foil for the champ if that champ was Cena.  However I don’t see Cena being the champ after this PPV and even though Vince likes his controversy, with whats happened in Russia and Ukraine recently, I think it’s time to bring this storyline to an end.  And of course it ends with “The Thirty Stars and Thirteen Bars” flying high.  And Jack probably will be too after the show…

SSlam Cena Brock


John Cena (c) V Brock Lesnar

Gareth:  On the strength of their last match (an absolute classic at Extreme Rules 2012) this one should be a barn burner. But the bass-ackwards booking of Brock Lesnar honestly hasn’t helped matters. Had Lesnar torn through all his opponents on route to breaking Undertaker’s streak, interest in this title match would be through the roof. Instead he lost clean on his first night out, traded meaningless wins with HHH, and was considered such a lame duck in his feud with Taker that his victory at WrestleMania legitimately shocked everyone.

Still in a weird way it’s kind of worked out for WWE. Rather than the obvious and lucrative storyline of “Can John Cena hang on to his title against this rampaging, unbeatable, monster?” (with the self-explanatory feel good ending that would come with it), we instead have two men headlining a PPV where neither can afford to lose to the other. Recently Cena – on the back of his 15th title reign – has been heavily promoted as the best ever to step in the ring. A loss against Brock would severely damage this claim and his credibility with an audience already predetermined to dislike him. Meanwhile anything less than a Lesnar victory would not only destroy his string thin momentum entirely, but also cheapen the legacy of The Undertaker. Essentially the WWE have written themselves into a corner, with no obvious means of escape.

It’s fascinating, although probably not in the way the WWE would have hoped for. And, considering some of the barmy decisions creative has made recently, this one truly is a pick ’em. I’ll plump for Lesnar though, solely because there are more obvious rivalries for him to transition into after SummerSlam.

Bryan:  After last Monday’s RAW I’m actually more interested in a rap battle between The Doctor of Thuganomics and the Hip-Hop Jew.  Paul Heyman once again killing it on the mic and showing why he’s one of the best promo guys in the business.  But that’s by the by.  I’m going to be somewhat controversial here.  I don’t really care who wins the match as I don’t expect it to be a good match.

Here me out on this.  The Brock we saw in his original run was a great competitor.  Had some really good matches and was very entertaining.  The Brock since he returned?  He basically kicks your arse for 15 minutes.  How is that supposed to be entertaining or captivating for the viewer?  We want to see the match going back and forth between the combatants.  Don’t get me wrong, Cena can have great matches with the most surprising of opponents (Khali and Umaga to name a couple) but I don’t see this being a decent match.  Their last match back at Extreme Rules 2012 was entertaining because it had a stipulation.  This match will be a straight up one on one match and I can’t seem to raise any excitement for it.  The fact that I got more enjoyment from Heyman’s promo than I did from the thought of the match says it all for me.

But let’s play Devils Advocate here. Let’s say by the time Sunday comes round, I’m looking forward to the match. Who do I think will win?  Well the general consensus is that Brock is walking out with the titles (and perhaps given the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt with the new WWE logo on it) and I have to agree with it.  If he doesn’t win the belt then it kills any of the buzz around him from ending The Streak.  He’s also ‘owed’ a win after his loss to Cena in his first match back in 2012.  My only worry is that if he does, they rush Roman Reigns in to a match against him.  I think that match will come but it needs to come after a big build up between the two.  Lesnar also needs to have a long run (to Wrestlemania time perhaps) to really solidify him as ‘The Man’ which would also give whoever beats him for the title a major rub as well.  But how they work this around Brock’s limited dates on his contract, who knows.  But that’s all if’s and but’s.  In a nutshell, Brock to win but I expect Cena to somehow still come out the match looking strong

WWE SummerSlam 2014 will air on Sunday 17th August. Available on Sky Box Office in the UK and on the WWE Network in the US.

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